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Your Property Wants to Show Off

Slower and for a lot less money. That's what you want when selling your property, right? No?? I didn't think so. Your time is extremely valuable and you're also not selling to walk away empty-handed. So, if that's not exactly your cup of unsweetened tea, you're in the right place with Jaclyn Smith Properties. Hello and let's get started.


  • Blanket Digital Presence

    Don't play 'hide-n-seek' with your property. Our expansive online and digital campaign puts your listing in the hands of the many.

  • All-In-One

    An entire design team. Full-time copywriter. Search Engine strategist. On-site seller's agent. We are truly the Justice League of the local real estate market.

  • Two-Way Street

    Think about it. Two-way streets get more traffic. We'll actively communicate with you early and often to keep you worry-free and get your property sold faster.


They're here! It's time to impress. While some may view it as very stressful, I find it exhilarating. I'm anxious to finally show off all of the hard work we put into the staging process. We have a short list of elite professional stagers, photographers, landscapers, handymen, etc. all ready to turn your property into a full-blown Da Vinci piece. 


Don't guess your selling price. You could lose weeks on the sale and it can put a huge dent in your profits. Our second-to-none market analytics will make you set a realistic price point that will sell your property faster and for a maximum return on your investment. Numbers never lie. 

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